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Museums and Collections

Modern and avant-garde, since being European Capital of Culture in 2002, Salamanca , a City of Culture, has undergone a major boost in its cultural sector. There is a wide range of top quality cultural activities available, a successful fusion of cultural heritage and a contemporary visual arts, scenic arts and musical programme.

Why not visit its museums and collections – the new way to do tourism, family tourism, a way to discover, share experiences and have fun together.


Monumenta Salmanticae Salamanca Urban and Architectural Cultural Heritage Visitors Centre

The Visitors’ Centre is the first stop when it comes to learning about the architectural and cultural heritage of the historic centre of Salamanca, the features that very much warranted Salamanca being selected as a UNESO designated World Heritage City. The centre uses the very latest technology in exhibition equipment to provide an interactive experience for visitors in both Spanish and English.

The tour also includes virtual recreations, computer graphics and audiovisual techniques to better highlight the almost 140 buildings and squares. Monumenta Salmanticae (the Latin for Salamanca Monuments) is a singular and innovative exhibition space, using a minimalist yet well structured approach, making the most of open spaces which successfully bring together the cultural heritage of the building with the rather more contemporary content of its exhibitions.

Monumenta Salmanticae  is housed in the San Millán Church, one of the six parish churches built during the medieval resettling of the city that have managed to survive to the present day.

Location: San Millán Church C/ Veracruz

Tickets: Free entry



This is the contemporary art centre that came about in response to the growing demand  for a venue in the heart of the city specialising in contemporary art. Since opening, the programme of exhibitions very much focuses on the latest tendencies in Spanish and international art, paying particular attention to the period from the 1990s to the present day, providing support to local and regional up-and-coming artists.

In the past two years, more attention is being focused on artist that work with video, and new audiovisual techniques as their medium, with a number of the centre’s galleries set up as venues for its permanent audiovisual programme.

Location: Ave. de la Aldehuela

Tickets: Free entry

To book a tour, please call the centre directly


Art Nouveau & Art Deco Museum. Casa Lis.

Inside this incredible mansion with its eye-catching stained-glass windows are some of the cities most highly praised treasures. Nineteen and early 20th century decorative art collections comprising some 2,500 pieces, all excellent quality and in a perfect state of conservation.

A donation by Salamanca antique dealer, Manuel Ramos Andrade, a symbol of  Art Nouveau & Art Deco.

Location: Calle Gibraltar,14

Telephone: 923 12 14 25

Tickets: 5.00 Euros /  3.00 Euros: Pensioners, students and groups (of more than 10).

Free entry on Thursday between 11:00 and 14:00.



Museum of Automotive History.

The former Fábrica de la Luz (Light Factory) has been transformed into one of the most important museums in Europe, the Automotive History Museum. A Mecca for automobile fans with hundreds of pieces with their on history to tell.

Location: Plaza del Mercado Viejo

Telephone: 923 26 02 93

Tickets: 4 Euros / 2 Euros: students, pensioners and groups (of more than 10).

Free entry on the first Tuesday of each month  between 17:00 and 20:00.



Salamanca Museum of Trade and Industry

The entrepreneurial genius and initiative of Salamanca merchants has been conserved in this museum have managed to unearth the former dungeons over which it was built. A chocolate making machine, a cash register or an antique coin weighing scales containing information about the zodiac will surprise visitors as each object helps them to relive a stage of their life. The Museum is home to the collection entitled Los sonidos del ayer (Sounds of yesteryear), a collection of antique radios reminiscent of the sounds of yesteryear, the highly favourite radio soaps, information services and news programmes.

Location: Ave. Campoamor

Telephone: 923 23 84 02

Tickets: Free entry




Unamuno House & Museum

Just next to the University of Salamanca is what used to be the home of University Vice-chancellor, Unamuno: his furniture, his writings and his keepsakes. A local celebrity with close ties to the city who has left an indelible mark here within the four walls of this home.

Location: Calle Libreros 25

Telephone: 923 29 44 00 (Ext. 1196)

Tickets: 4 Euros / 1.50 Euros groups, students and pensioners.

Free entry to students studying in Salamanca.



Museum of Salamanca

The museum is located near the central courtyard of the Doctores de la Reina Palace, dating from the XV Century. Its rooms are decked with paintings from the 15th century up to the present time, featuring Llanto por Cristo Muerto, by Luis de Morales, as well as San Andrés by Juan de Flandes.

Location: Calle Patio de Escuelas 2

Telephone: 923 21 22 35

Tickets: 1 Euros. Groups free of charge.

Free entry Saturday and Sunday


Cathedral Museum

Home to paintings and sculptures from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Featuring Tríptico de San Andrés by Juan de Flandes, and Virgen de la Rosa and Retrato de Santa Catalina by Fernando Gallego. One sculpture, the Tomb of Anaya dating from the 15th century has been attributed to Francisco de Salamanca.

Location: Calle Pla y Deniel. Salamanca Old Cathedral

Telephone: 923 217 476

Tickets: Individual 6 Euros / Groups (20 people), pensioners and students: 5 Euros / primary school students: 4 Euros. Unemployed: 2.5 euros.

Free entry Tuesday between  10.00 and 12:00.





Artilugios para fascinar (Fascinating projectors)

A tour of the history of projectors which filled many cinemas with so much joy. The Basilio Martín Patino collection takes visitors on a journey through the history of cinema and photography.

Location: Castile-and-Leon Film Archives. Calle Gonzalo Santana 1

Telephone: 923 21 25 16

Tickets: Free entry


La medida del tiempo (Measuring time)

There is a very strong sensation of time passing by in this exhibition space that houses time-pieces of all styles, shapes and sizes – from wall-clocks to pocket watches. Each passing moment is marked by the faint ticking of their mechanisms.

Location: Colegio Fonseca

Tickets: Free entry


Museo Fábrica de Harinas (Flour Mill Factory Museum)

The former «El Sur» Flour Factory located on the banks of the Tormes River has been open to the public for years now following the renovation and subsequent fitting-out as a museum, where visitors can see the original machinery used at the factory.

Location: Casino del Tormes. Calle La Pesca, 5 Next to the Roman Bridge.

Telephone: 923 28 16 28

Tickets: Free entry


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