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Salamanca, the city to learn Spanish


Each year, thousands of students from around the world, more than 25,000 in fact, chose Salamanca in Spain  to learn, fine tune and practice the Spanish language, making it one of the focus points for language learning in Spain.

It is a vibrant city, welcoming, dynamic, safe and well kept, characteristics that together with the prestige and tradition of its University, one of the oldest in Europe, and in addition to its excellent and its highly reputable schools and academies, make Salamanca the ideal place to learn Spanish and fine-tune your language skills; in short, Salamanca is the City for Learning Spanish.

The Salamanca, Ciudad del Español (Salamanca, the city for learning Spanish) language tourism brand came about through a comprehensive project that reflects on one hand the eagerness of a large sector of the city linked to the teaching of Spanish  to innovate, and bring its product up to date, as well as improve its quality and strengthen its promotional and marketing activities. In other words, it is hoping to ensure the positioning of both the sector and the city in an ever globalising and competitive world and market, but where there are still great opportunities to be had.

Added to that is the aspiration of a whole city that sees languages as its future, that highlights the importance of the Spanish language in Salamanca and, above all, the relationship between language and city, making , in short, the Spanish language very much a value-added asset of Salamanca’s cultural heritage.

Involving the city in this project is one of the main challenges facing Salamanca City Hall, through the Salamanca Tourist Board, in collaboration with the two Universities, the language schools and academies, and the Salamanca Chamber of Commerce.

Encouraging competitivity within all aspects and sectors linked to language learning, and strengthening the marketing efforts and the search for new target audiences and markets are the challenges facing Salamanca, the city to learn Spanish.

In its role as scholar and guardian of the Castilian language, over the past couple of decades, Salamanca has shown itself to be the ideal place to learn Castilian, as an expression of the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

It is no mere coincidence that the University of Salamanca is the brains behind the Castilian language exams that are taken around the world  in more than 50  countries, where students aspire to pass their official Diploma in Spanish, awarded by the national educational authority.

Each year, a large number of students from all corners of the world come to the university lecture rooms as well as private language schools and academies, eager to learn a language amidst this unparalleled backdrop: the Salamanca way of life.

And in this way the high levels of language teaching are complemented  by a comprehensive and varied cultural calendar, something that very much enriches the learning process and subsequently the experiences of students learning Spanish in the city.

More information: www.espanolensalamanca.com

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