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Presentation of the city

Discover Salamanca for yourselves. If this is your first time here, prepare to be amazed; if you have been here before, prepare to be amazed again.

Awaiting you is a lively and vibrant University city. It is the diversity of the people: students, tourists and even the locals, one of the city’s main assets, and these are the people who give the city its pleasant, refreshingly young atmosphere.

Salamanca is always amenable, ready to welcome newcomers and to proudly show off the richness of itscultural heritage, its culture and its gastronomy. Salamanca is a World Heritage Site with a multitude of hidden corners and historic buildings, all located within the historic centre, so the best way to discover it is on foot.

Considered by many to be the Spanish Renaissance city par excellence, it makes for a unique setting, both for its architectural and urban beauty which has survived the test of time, and for its important role regarding humanistic thinking and the thirst for knowledge so prevalent in this historic period. So Salamanca, with its palaces, convents and squares, together with its renowned historic figures, such as Fray Luis de León or Francisco de Vitoria, highlight an important era in the rise of popularity of the city.

Sunrise and sunset are magical moments. The light manages to transform both the interior of the buildings and their exterior, a singular light that bathes the gilt-coloured façades that reflect the famous people who once walked its streets, and whose presence can still be felt.