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The people

When we talk about the people of Salamanca, we are in fact referring to the city,  an incredibly beautiful and imposing backdrop.

On one corner, we come across Miguel de Unamuno. Under the shade of a magnolia, La Celestina argues with Calixto. On one of the terraces, Torrente Ballester takes notes. And we might also bump into Lazarillo, Aníbal, María la Brava or even Vicente Del Bosque when he was a little boy.

And above us, el Cielo de Salamanca (the Salamanca Sky): one, naturally existing, the other in the University; where astronomy and mythology share the leading role.

And beneath our very feet, the great alchemical concoction, that of the flavours and the facts, and there taking the lead, Marqués de Villena.

Then there are the students, the local residents and the visitors, coexisting as if a single family, with their fare share of solidarity and disputes; The people of Salamanca

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