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The legacy

It is its legacy that makes Salamanca different. Of all the treasures that Salamanca possesses, and there are many, the Spanish language is currently the most highly prized. Language, alphabet, an invisible thread, a cornerstone in the city’s development.

It is a treasure in plain view, one that does not have to be searched for in caves or cellars, one that envelopes us, and leaves its mark on everything.

All the residents adopt it the moment they come into the world and some from even farther afield; here a word, there an adjective or an interjection.

If you are contemplating coming to study Spanish in Salamanca, what are you waiting for!!.

Each year, thousands of students from around the world, more than 25,000 in fact, elect Salamanca in Spain as the place to learn, fine tune and practice the Spanish language, making Salamanca one of the focus points in Spain for language learning.

It is a vibrant city, welcoming, safe and well kept, characteristics that together with the prestige and tradition of the University, one of the oldest in Europe, and in addition to its excellent and its highly reputable schools and academies, make Salamanca the ideal location for learning and fine-tuning your language skills; in short, Salamanca is the City for Learning Spanish.

The city and its people will welcome you with open arms. The  www.espanolensalamanca.com portal provides you with all you need to know about the city, the language schools as well as recommendations by former students.

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