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 In addition to what is in clear view, Salamanca also provides an excellent selection of history and stories, mazes, memories, wonderful archives, inventions, etc.. Everything, yet so much more. Part of this can be found in the following section.

Each city builds its own time, and each city has to live by it.

Three thousand years is a long time to amass all kinds of events, large and small, happy and dramatic, glorious or difficult. The Celtic tribes of the Vettones and  Vacceos, Hannibal and the Romans; the re-founding of the city by Alfonso VI, following the sacking of Toledo by the Moors, was carried out by Raimundo de Borgoña, the wars between the factions, the nobility for the power in the 14th and 15th centuries, the War of the Commons, the splendour of the XVI century when Salamanca was the epicentre of learning and worldly knowledge, the crisis of the Baroque period, the Peninsular War and the isolation of the 19th and a good part of the 20th centuries, have moulded both the physical and the spiritual aspects of the city’s structure, identity and culture. They were major milestones, to which we must add another two more contemporary ones: when UNESCO designated it a World Heritage City in 1988 and being European Culture Capital in 2002.

The  XV Latin American Heads of State and Government Summit in 2005 is another event that has put Salamanca on the world’s map.

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