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Young, City of Culture and nightlife


The city is vibrant. You can feel it as you walk down its streets, full of young people at any time of day or night throughout the year. The city never sleeps. And this is one of its greatest appeals.

After midnight, each and every bar in Salamanca offers clients its own unique and special character. The city does not close down at night, the student nightlife keeps it very much alive. Until the early hours, the bars, pubs and discos are still heaving, or why not  listen to a “tuna” or take a quiet walk amongst its illuminated monuments.
The nightlife in Salamanca is very lively. There is a wide variety of bars, some the haunt of university students, others a little more sophisticated, with live music and many with a dance floor.
Salamanca is a pioneer when it comes to its concert calendar. An unending array of local, national and international artists and groups have played its many musical venues. This is one of the characteristics of the city’s nightlife. Added to this is the exquisite decor that caters to all tastes: Cosy and friendly bars for laid back clients, some more classic, for both evening and night, where you can get one of their special coffees or natural fruit juices and milkshakes. Cocktails are another way to go.

The main districts for this are Varillas, Gran Vía and Bordadores

Areas of nightlife

  • Varillas

The premises in this part of the city have live music. In and around the Plaza de San Justo, you can find bars such as Plutos, Chupitería Daniels or the Harley Bar, where you can usually hear the latest UK and American sounds.

For the more alternative amongst you, in the same area you can find Potemkim, with live rock and alternative music.

  • Gran Vía ( in and around Calle Gran Vía)

This is home to establishments such as Moderno, Callejón, Submarino, Peter’s Tavern, La Espannola, Centenera and Puerto de Chus; and in the Plaza de la Reina you can find Musical, Candavia and María.

  • Bordadores

Just around the corner from Plaza Mayor is a large pedestrian area that gives the district its name. Of particular note are Camelot, Garamond, Gatsby, Amadeus, Music Factory and Hacienda. Also to be found are The Irish Rover, an Irish bar, located next to the Casa de las Conchas, that often provides live concerts. Delicatessen, Erasmus and Café Corrillo stage live jazz and are located in Calle Meléndez


Highlighting their decor:

Only in Salamanca. One of the first cities to understand that bars and night-time establishments were also venues to relax, meet people, experience different emotions and that the aesthetic of the bar plays a major role in this. This realisation led to the first “themed” pubs, with theatrical backdrops, able to create a variety of different ambiances. Mysterious venues full of fantasy that are well worth discovering. 

Capitán Hadock

A friendly atmosphere, with candles on the tables and a decor that is reminiscent of the pirate era. There are sometimes jazz concerts.

Posada de las Almas

A very singular decor, a four-metre tall dolls house, the bar is made of rollers from a cookie factory. Located in Plaza de San Boal.

Tío Vivo

Small venue with a roundabout, a great venue for couples, with small tables and a relaxing atmosphere. Concerts. Calle Clavel.

Ocean Club

A great place for going out and having fun with friends, with music played by local dj’s and a comprehensive drinks menu of cocktails, spirits and mixed drinks. Calle Espoz y Mina 24


A former chapel, now renovated and transformed into a venue for concerts and a vibrant nightlife on weekends. Very much worth a look. Calle Bordadores.

Cum Laude

Replica of a university cloister. In the afternoon/evening, how about a coffee, and at night time the rendezvous point for the well-to-do’s. Calle Prior

If you are looking for gay bars, then look no further than: Carmen (Calle Bretón), Miranda (Calle San Mateo) or Freedom (Pedro Cojos).

Cultural City

In addition to its cultural heritage, or perhaps as a consequence of it, Salamanca has and is a cultural city. Since being the European Cultural Capital in 2002, it has gone on to bigger and better things. A historical city that is yet modern and avant-garde boasts a very comprehensive and top-quality cultural calendar that has great appeal.

Please consult the cultural calendar at www.salamancaciudaddecultura.org 

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