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The mistery

The cities of the future will be cloaked in mystery

Experience them, discover them, follow the flow.

Through these puertas simbólicas or  figurative gateways. Artefacts that not only set the boundaries , but that also help us to look at things in a different light.

Salamanca has some of the most beautiful and incredible examples of these.


The Cathedral. The gateway to spirituality. Without transcendence there would be no life or city.

La Casa de las Conchas. A love poem that exemplifies the importance of history.

San Esteban Convent; Dominican. A step closer in the search for truth and for human dignity.

University. Courageousness and learning.

Plaza Mayor. The city’s pulse, the people, the social interaction.

La Clerecía. Action and determination.

The Salamanca Caves. Taking us to the unknown, a place that defies reason

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