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The towers that watch over us

Experiencing Salamanca from its highest viewpoints is a unique experience; it is inhaling inspiration, awakening, opening one’s eyes, understanding the city, and touching its sky.
Salamanca’s towers have opened their doors so that we may gaze from their battlements, admire their pinnacles, and touch their bells.
From the Ieronimous Cathedral towers, the Clerecía towers, known as Scala Coeli [Stairway to Heaven], and the San Esteban Convent’s viewpoint, we may contemplate Salamanca’s grandeur. A city where a great variety of architectural styles intermingle in splendid harmony. A city, whose impressive scenery, recognised World Heritage Site, was conceived as a place of convergence.

The towers of Salamanca Cathedral

A tour of its interior allows us to discover the history of its construction, to delve into its 900 years of art and history through a documenting exhibition and to access some of its marvels; the Old Cathedral and its main altar; the Mocha Tower terrace, from where one can look upon the Tormes river; the Gallo Tower, the view of the New Cathedral from the clerestory; the Anaya terrace, with its views of the north and west of the city, and, at its highest point, the belfry, which affords a panoramic, 360-degree views.
An unprecedented view, both for residents and tourists alike.
Daytime and night-time tours.
Plaza Juan XXIII s/n.
Tel. 923 266 701

Scala Coeli
The Clerecía towers
Scala Coeli is a unique “Stairway to heaven” that allows the visitor to discover the history of the Colegio Real de la Compañía de Jesús (Royal College of the Society of Jesus). The construction of the building, which today houses the Universidad Pontificia (Catholic Pontifical University), was initiated in 1617 by order of Queen Margaret of Austria and Philip III as the main centre of education for the Jesuits, who would later be sent to the American colonies and central European Protestant countries. It is, at present, a splendid example of the Baroque period.
The tour includes access to the galleries, from whose balconies one can look upon the interior of the Real Clerecía de San Marcos. The tour continues up the stairway which accesses the church’s two towers. The climb up the Escalera del Campanero [Bell Ringer’s Staircase] is an experience of light and sounds. Due to its height, the passage between both towers affords unique views of Salamanca, providing one with spectacular perspectives of the historic quarters of this city of heritage.
Year-round daytime tours. Night-time tours also available in the summer.
C/ Compañía, 5.
Tel. 923 277 174

San Esteban Convent
Roof-top terrace above the facade.
A viewpoint of the heavens.
A new balcony within the monumental and historic San Esteban Convent. A window onto history and art.
The tour provides access to different quarters of the convent, such as the cloisters, the choir stalls, the church and the new areas converted into museum, as well as the ascent to the rooftop terrace situated over the convent facade, one of the most beautiful examples of the Plateresque movement. From here, one can see the south-east of the city, the cathedrals, the Clerecía building and the historic quarters.
Day-time tours.
Plaza del Concilio de Trento s/n.
Tel. 923 215 000


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