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Ibérico cured meats and hams

Salamanca is THE city for Ibérico cured meats, so don't leave without sampling the mouth-watering cured meats and Guijuelo cured ham.

If Salamanca had a flavour, it would be of Ibérico cured meats. And the highlight of any fine dining experience in Salamanca is trying renowned PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Guijuelo products. At the Abastos Market and at the many delicatessens located in the city centre, you will find a wide range of cured meats, hams and other products. And if you would be interested in see for yourself how they are actually produced, why not head down to Guijuelo.

Guijuelo has had very close ties to the meat producing sector since the end of the 19th century. The climate, patience and skills of the first master cured ham producers and their untiring entrepreneurial spirit has made Jamón de Guijuelo an international point of reference when it comes to cured ham.

Nowadays, the company has implemented more modern, appealing and exciting initiatives in the form of an adventurous tourism-gastronomy experience, the aim of which are to surprise visitors by giving them an unforgettable experience for the senses, with activities such as tours of the Ibérico cured ham factory accompanied by a master craftsman, ham tasting sessions and ham slicing workshops.




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