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Discover the city from the Medieval Towers of the Cathedral, Ieronimus


Visiting IERONIMUS lets you:
1.     DISCOVER new parts of the Cathedral(of the cathedral complex), one of the most impressive and one of the most mysterious in both Spain and in Europe. Both spectacular and surprising.
2.     DISCOVER new views over the city, in all directions, north, east, south and west.
3.     UNDERSTAND what cultural heritage is and what it means. The role it plays, the invisible ties it has with the very hearts of the people. 
4.     FAMILIARISE yourself with the best part of Salamanca’s history; its origins. The name comes from Jerónimo de Perigueux: The Bishop to El Cid, from the period of resettlement headed by Raimundo de Borgoña.
5.     CAPTURE the deep sense of ARCHITECTURAL CULTURE.  An endless walk through different architectural styles, resources, projects and creators (the most relevant of their time)
6.     In times of tyranny of immediateness, IERONIMUS is being able to CELEBRATE time and its future.
7.     DISCOVER the STRENGTH of resistance. Or the story of how the tower survived the Lisbon earthquake.
8.      LEARN, as a visitor, how to truly appreciate the cathedrals. They are so much more than cultural venues, they represent the Christian spirituality which is available to all. 
But above all, IERONIMUS:
9.     HELPS to CREATE a city, a shared identity, for both visitors and local residents.  IERONIMUS is a point of reference for the whole of Spain and one we should be proud of.
10. Is PEACE and SPIRITUALITY. IERONIMUS is always the ideal place to unburden both body and mind, especially in these complicated moments and times of uncertainty.  It is a beacon and a home, peace and shelter. 
Ieronimus is a unique experience that is beyond compare. Every year, for a whole lifetime. 
Open every day.
January to February: 10:00 to 18:00. Entry allowed up to 17:15.
March to December: 10:00 to 20:00. Entry allowed up to 19:15.
It closes on the afternoons of 24  and 31 December; all day 25 December and 1 January;  Lunes de Aguas; three afternoons during bullfighting in the Festivals and Fiestas of Salamanca (September). Price:
Individual tickets: 3.75 Euros / Group: 3.25 Euros (minimum 20 people) Tours last approximately 45min-1hour.
Guided tours (minimum 20 people) 
Tel: 619 08 18 43 (Exhibition) and 923 28 11 23 (Archives)
Fax: 923 28 10 45
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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