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Salamanca Convention Bureau



In Salamanca, business tourism is a growing market, with plenty of potential. Its size, access, modern facilities, excellent infrastructures and the modern and diverse range of accommodation are just some of the reasons why you should choose Salamanca to host your congress, convention or incentive trip.

The city is a ideally conducive for work, but it also offers a wide range of leisure activities. Leisure and business go hand in hand in the wonderful services Salamanca can provide businesses, congress organisers etc.

Salamanca Convention Bureau was launched in 2004 in response to the needs and the growing strategic importance of Congress Tourism over recent years, as well as the demands for local authorities and the private sector companies linked to the tourism industry to join forces in response to the needs of a destination city such as welcoming guests, facilitating services, being competitive, providing quality and being sustainable.

Its main goals are as follows: Promote the city of Salamanca as a venue for congresses, incentive trips and all manner of events; Provide the organiser with any type of event information and facilitate all administrative tasks by going through a single point of reference and  promote the companies that are part of the Salamanca Convention Bureau.

The city also has all manner of leisure and incentive activities available, the perfect accompaniment to any congress or similar event. All information is contained in a recently published electronic document:



Its web page, www.salamancaconventionbureau.com, has become a prominent tool for businesses and associations who are looking to Salamanca to host their meetings, congresses or incentive tours.

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