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Art and wildlife walking tours

If you like long walks and the country air, the so-called art walks are a very appealing option. These are circular routes in the heart of the Sierra de Francia national park:


In the southern part of the province of Salamanca, in the Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia wildlife park, along a route that links the villages of Mogarraz and Monforte is the so-called “Camino del Agua” or Water Way. Water has been a feature of the area since time immemorial, the path was created over the course of time.

The path has now been enhanced with the addition of six sculptures that have become part of the landscape. They are very discreet pieces, which harmoniously blend into the surrounding landscape, where visitor s would find it hard to discern whether what they have before them is a sculpture, or simply part of the landscape.


This route starts in La Alberca and takes us past woodlands comprising of oak and chestnut trees. The path takes us to the Majadas Viejas Church, via Montón de Cantos and along the rocks where locals present the Loa at the Ceremony of the Virgin. Then it is back onto the path which takes us to the lake and to the San Marcos Church, in very good conditions, and from there back to La Alberca via the recreational area of Fuente Castaño. The path has two variations: A long route, the GR-10, or the short route, Fuente Castaño-Majadas Viejas.


Asentadero – Bosque de los espejos is an opportunity to take an alternative perspective, interpret the countryside through art, feel observed, pass through the looking glass and speculate over impossible reflections. It is a circular route, with works of art amid the landscape, and takes visitors through the municipalities of San Martín del Castañar, Las Casas del Conde and Sequeros, in the southern part of the province of Salamanca. The route can be started at any of the three villages, although there is a shorter route which allows visitors to visit only two of them, returning to the original starting point (on the map it appears as a dotted green line). This artistic outing into the wilderness comprises the aforementioned walk, the Asentadero de los Curas (stretch of the GR-184), and the San Martín del Castañar circular route.

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